Southern Cross offers our customers a wide range of services and products. Our in-house developers and IT team are at the forefront of innovation and industry changes. In this blog, Jordan Ponizhaylo interviews Jeff Simmelink, Director of Managed Solutions and DevOps, and Dennis Reed, IT Manager, to discuss the new innovations and technology that are on the horizon at Southern Cross.

The two will dive into the importance of safety and protection for our company and our clients. In the digital age, it is common knowledge that many companies keep sensitive information on their computers and in their e-mail. Southern Cross has taken measures to ensure we are safe from things such as Data Breaches, Ransomware, Tax Provisions and much more.

Simmelink and Reed discuss how we integrate the National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST, method, and framework into our methods of protection. We feel they provide our team and customers with a solid cybersecurity framework that is a comprehensive solution for all potential problems.

Watch the full interview with Simmelink and Reed for an in-depth view of our IT advancements and solutions here at Southern Cross!