advanced gas leak survey & data analytics

Advanced Mobile Gas Leak Detection

Southern Cross’ is leading this new wave of technology innovation with its AMLD solution. This solution is redefining how we view our leak survey by providing faster, more reliable data. Data that can be utilized to solve a multitude of issues for our gas utility customers; including safety, quality, emissions reductions, and cost-efficiencies.

The solution combines decades of field experience combined with advanced mobile leak detection technology. This solution has allowed us to develop a best-in-class-solution to improve efficiency, accuracy as well as provide additional value and insight into a utility’s assets. Southern Cross takes a partnership approach to all business with a focus understanding a client’s needs implementing a predefined solution. Once a success criterion is recognized based on a customer’s input and Southern Cross’s industry knowledge, we will design a project solution.
The advanced gas leak detection system measures atmospheric and meteorological conditions and methane plume signatures. It uses dynamic algorithms to compute the likely location and emissions rates of natural gas leaks while screening out false-positive indications. It combines information from multiple measurement sessions run over the same region. Our AMLD solution takes advantage of varying atmospheric conditions (wind direction, wind speed, atmospheric stability) to produce aggregate results and to provide comprehensive territory coverage.

Southern Cross then performs data analysis to determine where actionable traditional surveying is needed.

Environmental and emissions reduction programs

Using the same technology platform, Southern Cross will be able to assist our customers with their methane emissions reduction programs by providing capabilities for measuring flow rates and methane quantification capabilities. Using Methane Emissions Quantification measurements and big data analytics, Southern Cross can provide our customers with a comprehensive and actionable set of emissions metrics to accelerate methane emissions reductions in their territory.

Emissions measurements allow the highest-emitting leaks to be identified and targeted for expedited repair to gain the most benefit in methane reductions from leak repair activities (above and beyond repairs from leaks found by compliance survey or removed by pipe replacement).