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Safety at Southern Cross At Southern Cross, SAFETY is in-built into our DNA. Everything we do in our offices, at home, and in the field revolves around SAFETY. At Southern … Read More

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we provide RELIABLE SERVICES Tools, Technology, and Training Our Serviceslet us show you how we can add value to your next project Gas Services Leak detection, classification, locating, purging, rechecks, … Read More

probe bar
M-Pact-O Probe Bars

Southern Cross provides a wide range of M-Pact-O Probe Bars as a solution for our clients. The probe bars come in different lengths, widths, and materials. All of the probe bars have different functionalities and can be used in a variety of scenarios. The most common use is to locate a gas line or buried cable or to sample a gas line. See the attached list for all product numbers and specifications.


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Pipehorn 800-HL

The Pipehorn Series 800-HL V#MD840

The Pipehorn Series 800-HL is a state-of-the-art, dual-frequency, pipe and cable locating system designed for the professional with complex locating jobs. It is a carefully engineered, precision instrument designed to provide simultaneous conductive transmission of both high (480 kHz) and low (9 kHz) for congested areas and for long-distance locates. 


  • Material: SCC:RUT.840
  • Part Number: RUT.840


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Pipehorn 800-H

The Pipehorn Series 800-H V#MD820

Superior high frequency (480 kHz) performance. The Pipehorn 800-H is the best tool in the industry when direct connect is not possible, and on the toughest conductors: coated iron pipes with insulated joints, unenergized power (street/parking lot lights), worn-out tracer tape & wire, short side services & stub-outs, concentric neutrals, and fiber. Nothing sweeps areas for un-marked utilities like a Pipehorn.


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Professional Services

Leading The Field In Project Delivery & Project Management Business needs can change with little notice. Having resources ready to respond to opportunities and threats is critical. Since 1981, the … Read More

Software & Technology

Southern Cross driving technology Our advanced work order and workforce management solutions result in unparalleled efficiency – be it to capture personal work completed or accurate inventory management. Electronic capture … Read More

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