Advanced gas leak survey & Data Analytics

Southern Cross’ advanced gas leak detection technology includes advanced
instrumentation consisting of a highly sensitive detector PPB (x1000 times more sensitive than conventional gas leak detectors) and a comprehensive data collection and analytics platform for leak and emissions detection and management.

The advanced gas leak detection system measures atmospheric and
meteorological conditions, methane plume signatures and uses dynamic algorithms to compute the likely location and emissions rates of natural gas leaks while screening out false positive indications. It combines information from multiple measurement sessions run over the same region, taking advantage of varying atmospheric conditions (wind direction, wind speed, atmospheric stability) to produce aggregate results and to provide comprehensive territory coverage.

As a result, the system finds more gas leaks and pinpoints "hard-to-locate"
gas leaks and is able to survey and fix entire neighborhoods at once with multiple crews in a shorter timeframe than traditional gas leak survey methods. The advanced gas leak detection system pinpoints leaks where traditional survey equipment sometimes fails to accurately do so. By quickly surveying an entire neighborhood with our advanced gas leak detection system, a holistic view of all sources of methane in the area quickly provides data and enables survey technicians to hone in on the exact location of the leak rather than be overwhelmed by leak indications within or on the edges of the migration pattern.

Unlike traditional survey equipment, our advanced gas leak detection
system is effective at surveying in the rain and snow and its high sensitivity allows it to measure leaks through both snow and ice cover. These attributes paired with its high-speed survey capability make it an ideal tool for high-speed, wintertime survey of high-risk pipe. Since cast iron main breaks due to frost heave are a significant concern, particularly in the eastern United States, it is ideal to use our advanced gas leak detection system to quickly survey for new, large leaks due to main breaks as well as monitor existing leaks for signs that they may be growing in size, potentially leading to catastrophic failure.