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IRwin® Methane Leak Detector

The IRwin® by INFICON is a portable methane leak detector for a fast and easy survey of gas pipelines. This unit can operate on different surfaces and situations during survey,is highly sensitive, responds quickly and has a short recovery time, and is intrinsically safe. The IRwin® is lightweight and has a durable design for tough environments, making it the perfect solution for days spent outdoors surveying. State of the art technology allows for fast data collection, secure storage, and updated analysis. IRwin® provides a built-in Integrated GPS to minimize operator risk and provide accurate data collection, while Bluetooth capabilities ensure faster download of data and enhance analysis through electronic grids and surveys. Visit Southern Cross E-Learning for more information.

Flame Pack 400

The Flame Pack 400 is a hydrocarbon gas detector that utilizes hydrogen flame ionization (HFI) detection mode. The Flame Pack is very compact, it operates silently and can be refueled in under a minute. This unit detects gas up to one part per million (PPM) and alerts the user when gas is detected with an audible alarm. The sample intake rate is approximately 240 cubic centimeters per minute, extending battery and filter life, while also minimizing the intake of contaminants. Visit Southern Cross E-Learning for more information.

‘46 Hawk

The ’46 Hawk is an advanced laser-based gas leak detection unit that detects, centers, and pinpoints leaks. The Hawk is compact and does not require any attachments. This unit is powered by a rechargeable battery that provides 12 hours of continuous use plus 6-8 additional hours of operation powered by 2 AA batteries stored in a backup bay. The ’46 Hawk stores monthly calibration data that can be downloaded into Microsoft Excel. Visit Southern Cross E-Learning for more information.

Power Purger

The Power Purger draws up to 300 CFM of built-up gas from under the ground to vent into the atmosphere, allowing for safe and exact pinpointing of gas leaks, efficient manhole purging, safe evacuation of natural gas from under buildings, mitigation of explosion potential, and much more.

Mobile Leak Detection

Our Mobile Leak Detection kits allow you to use your existing Hawk, Flame Pack, or other compatible gas leak detection devices for faster and more efficient mobile gas leak surveys. With the kit mounted on either a truck or ATV, field technicians can conduct D.O.T. compliance surveys outside of main roads, in hard to access locations, on rugged terrain and in pre-construction areas.

M-Pact-O Probe Bars

As a solution for our clients we provide a wide range of M-Pact-O Probe Bars. The probe bars come in different lengths, widths, and materials. All of our probe bars have different variations and can be used in many scenarios. The most common use is to center and pinpoint gas leaks. See the attached list for all product numbers and specifications.


The Pipehorn Series

The Pipehorn Series is a state-of-the-art, dual-frequency, pipe and cable locating system designed for the professional providing complex utility locating services. It is a carefully engineered, precision instrument designed to provide simultaneous conductive transmission of both high (480 kHz) and low (9 kHz) for congested areas and for long distance locates.